Rdio Ga Ga

Adios Rdio

Following the beginning of the end for Rdio I'm - after having previously used Deezer and Google Play Music - I'm going to give Spotify a try.

Oh Rdio, you probably should have had a better name - you sound like a mix between a pirate and a northerner talking about someone call "Deo".

That's our Deo over there, waiting for a catchier name.

Also if you told people you used Rdio they would never go "oh the Spotify alternative" they would just politely say "oh ok, that's nice."

Oh Rdio, you were better than the others in everything but name.

What was easy about moving away?

Moving playlists, easy peasy with soundiiz and the like.

What was not

Moving favourite artists over, just a nope on that. We'll get to why that's annoying in a bit.

What was odd about Spotify after Rdio?

The big fuck off shuffle play button, no one wants this.

alt Spotify shuffle button

It's easy to accidently skip a track when playing.

Adding tracks to the queue adds them after the current track - not the end of the queue - if you've tapped an album track to start it playing.

alt Spotify playlist

There's odd bugs in the the app where you think you've removed a track from the queue but you've actually removed it from your music, luckily it's just as easy to get the tracks back.

alt Spotify playlist

You can't favourite an artist, you have to add an album for the artist to appear in Your Music.

You can't mark an album for download from the desktop app or easily view downloaded albums.

I don't know when the apps sync but sometimes added albums on the desktop app showed up on mobile until I had both open at the same time.

There is no option or obvious way to clear the queue on mobile.

If you click on a track it'll start playing the album but you can't remove these tracks from the queue.

alt Spotify playlist

On Sonos you can't see your saved albums - you just get a pointless list of all tracks


Spotify seems to be all about the playlist and if you just want to listen to an album - in order - you are left feeling like this is not the way to listen to music. Fuck off. Instead of just being able to click and play with ease. It's clearly built around the generic music listener who just wants a playlist of samey samey pop played in any order, as everything seems centred around making that journey as simple as possible.

This makes Spotify not too different to being just another radio play style app - which after enjoying Rdio makes you nervous about committing to it.

Music discovery is poor, with related artist lists fairly limited - oh how I'll miss the influenced and influenced by lists in Rdio - and there is nothing that matches the notifications for new albums by saved artists. Even after going through and saving/adding dozens of albums the recommendations still suggest albums you've already added. Er, thanks.

It seems the people behind Spotify are more obsessed with listing stats - and you get plenty from here - than helping people listen to music in the way they want. I really don't think listening to whole albums, in order is a particularly niche thing to do.

On the whole it's just another interface that you'll get used to in the end. The same music is there, sometimes more artists or albums than on Rdio, sometimes less. It'll be ok. Maybe. If they listen to their users. Or until another app comes along that has everything Rdio did so well. There's a whole bunch of us very into music out there happy to pay and happy to move over, now that we have done both.